Rules & Regulations

The Velu Thampi Memorial(V.T.M) College of Arts & Science was established in 2004.

1.Students of the college are expected to be courteous in behavior and attitude.

2.Students should exhibit the identity card properly while inside the campus.

3.Students should attend classes regularly and punctually.

4.As a matter, students are expected to greet the members of the faculty , management and non-teaching staff, on meeting them first on any given day.

5.Smoking, snuff and chewing pan are strictly prohibited inside the campus.

6.Students should take note of the departmental and other notices put on the notice board every day before leaving the college .Failure to do so will not be an excuse for omission or commission.

7.Use of mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the campus.

8.Ragging/Eve Teasing is strictly prohibited by law. Students must not indulge in any such activities.

9.Students should not organize or attend meeting other than official ones inside the college campus.

10.Irregular attendance, insubordinary or insolent conduct to teachers and other members on the staff, habitual inattention to class work, obsecenity in word or deed are sufficient reason for disciplinary action against a student.

11.Men students are prohibited from wearing round-necked T-Shirts, T-Shirts with image, icons, words and cargo trousers with multipockets and hangings. Women students are encouraged to wear Churidhar and Sarees only.

12.Under the educational rules of Tamilnadu Govt, the Principal has full power to inflict punishments such as imposition of fines, suspension and expulsion from the College, if any student is found guilty or rudeness of behavior and violation of rules.