Mission & Vision

The Velu Thampi Memorial(V.T.M) College of Arts & Science was established in 2004.

WELCOME TO V.T.M College of Arts and Science

The institution endeavors to turn out graduates and post-graduates with district personality of their own.
In order to achieve this lofty aim, the institution endeavors to provide them with state-of-the-art facilities like a good computer laboratory with access to e-learning and well -equipped library.
The institution hopes to serve the nation best by fulfilling its commitments to it.
This Institution envisions a vast beckoning field in this sylvan area where the young boys and girls of the rural society,more specifically of Malayalam - speaking families, can have their training to ascend the summit of knowledge and erudition and family become men and women of wisdom.
On its part, the institution hopes to make use of the best of available talent to mould the young students into model individuals with graces like self-reliance, love and compassion for fellow beings and respect for truth and non-violence.